Construction work started for the restaurant complex developed by NRSur at the plot 8.3 SUNP.BM-3 in Malaga

Centro Comercial - 17 June, 2021

Works for the construction of this retail and restaurant complex, designed and supervised by EdP, and located at the plot 8.3 of the planning sector 3 UE-1 SUNP.BM-3, which was also designed by EdP, started in May 2021 for its first phase, which consists of the construction of a Burger King and KFC restaurants. The project has been designed with 5 free standing restaurants around a central private green area on its southern section, and a 2.000 m2 GLA retail box on its northern section. 

EdP has been trusted with the architectural and engineering design of the project, as well as the tender and construction supervision. Works are being executed by the contractor Reactiva.


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