Our value proposal is based on offering our customers a quick response about possibilities for developing their assets. The best approach for obtaining the necessary permits and licenses and the best design in architectural and engineering terms. Our control procedures are highly specialised and geared towards monitoring all administrative, legal and technical procedures required for consolidating the value of your asset.


Viability Plans

  • We draw up viability plans to assess whether or not it is advisable to acquire and/or develop a certain asset

General Planning

  • Negotiation of planning and management agreements
  • Land planning
  • Modifications to general plans

Development Planning

  • Partial plans
  • Sectorisation plans
  • Urban planning projects

Urban Management

  • Compensation committees
  • Land reparcelling projects
  • Urban development construction works management


Basic design

Defining and drawing up basic designs for residential, commercial, hotel and logistics buildings. Extensive experience in the development of large-scale commercial and hotel projects.

Implementation project

Creation of implementation projects. Coordination of all elements that form part of the project (structural, architectural and facilities design). BIM.

Project management

Exclusive on-site teams, depending on the scale of the project. Our teams are usually made up of Lead Architects, Technical Architects, Project Implementation Directors and facilities coordination managers.

Construction management

Management of the contracting of urbanization and building works, either with a general contractor or by lots.


Our engineering division is made up of engineers from multiple disciplines with extensive experience in a range of fields.


Creation of infrastructure projects related to real estate development, such as urban development projects, special plans, construction projects for general infrastructure, hydraulic works, etc.

Electrical installations

Full definition of the electrical infrastructure for urban and building developments, paperwork with government entities and service companies.

Mechanical installations

Full definition of ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, sewerage and fire extinguishing installations, with a particular emphasis on new technologies such as air source heat pumps, etc.

Telecommunications and IT networks

Drafting of projects for Common Telecommunications Infrastructures (ICT), radio links, WiFi networks, CCTV, Centralized Technical Management Systems, Advanced Audiovisual Systems, Alarms, etc. Our engineering services are complemented with turnkey design and installation services through our company EdP Ingeniería .

Project management

Facilities coordination managers are assigned to all of our projects. These people are in close contact with the design engineers to ensure that the engineering solutions proposed during the design phase are correctly implemented.


Construction management

Management of the contracting of urbanization and building works, either with a general contractor or by lots.

Paperwork control and monitoring

Administrative managers are assigned to all of our projects. Their role is to ensure that the administrative paperwork for projects is continually monitored, allowing early warnings to be raised in the event of risk.

Control and monitoring of procedures

All our projects are assigned a person in charge of Administrative Management whose mission is to guarantee the continuous monitoring of the administrative procedures of the projects and to be able to issue early alerts in case of risks.


Control and monitoring of resources applied to projects, particularly in the construction phase.

Control of execution times

Monitoring of project planning, during both the paperwork and construction phases.